Patina Yard Custom Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are a beautiful art piece in any home or office. We design and build custom barn doors using many mediums and finishes for any style desired. We fabricate sliding barn doors as well as barn door hardware such as barn door tracks and handles.

We dont build doors using pine, plastic in replacement of glass or any other inferior materials. Most of our barn door hardware is made by us not cheap flimsy Chinese hardware. Its the difference between a generic and unique authentic quality.

Patina Metal and Mirror Barn Door Custom Made

Patina Metal and Mirror Sliding Barn Door

Mirror and patina metal barn door with rivets in the seams. Back side of door in the bathroom is a full length antique mirror. Hardware and pocket handles are all made by us. Our doors are easy to install and need no backing behind the drywall.

large double iron and glass sliding barn doors

Double Steel and Glass Sliding Barn Doors

These iron and glass barn doors are 12 feet tall and roll with ease. Satin black finish and clear tempered glass. These doors are the hottest doors in the US right now and we have been shipping them all over the country. We have three styles of these doors of more of a contemporary style like in this photo warehouse style with a compound miter around the glass like you would see in a old warehouse windows which both of these doors use multiple panels of glass. Then we have iron glass doors where we use a single piece of glass with a overlay of metal to reduce the size of the metal going across the glass. These doors

Iron And Mirror Barn Doors

Mirror and steel barn door with satin black finish. Mirrors are on both sides of the door making a very unique barn door. There are lots of options with the glass. Antique mirrors, textured glass, satin glass and many others. Please contact us with any questions or for a quote.

Zinc and Wood Barn Door custom made

Random Zinc and Wood Barn Door

Industrial style barn door is made using random zinc that is mirrored on both sides lightly char ash hardwood frame. Door features a slotted window with satin glass framed around with wood. Hardware and pocket handles are made bu our own craftsmen.

Satin Black Barn Doors

Satin Black Shaker Barn Door

The first satin black barns we have done with satin black hardware and barn door door pulls. And it ended up looking very nice going with all the windows and sliding doors with there black frames. Shakers doors are a timeless door going with all sorts of designs.

Custom Mirror Painted Shaker Barn Door

Shaker And Mirror Barn Door

Shaker barn door with mirrors consist of a solid wood door we custom built using the best wood working practices in door building. Wood is primed sanded and sprayed leaving the finest finish in its class. Contact us for your shaker door.

Custom Double Steel and Glass Barn Doors

Steel And Glass Double Barn Doors

Double steel and glass barn doors with clear tempered glass and a antique black patina frame and hardware. We design and build these types of doors i many styles and ship out all over the US.

loft warehouse steel and glass barn doors

Custom Steel & Glass Warehouse Style Barn Doors

We design and build the most authentic glass and metal warehouse window style barn doors. We used satin glass for privacy in these doors in the photo and we hand cut metal on a compound miter around the glass to look like a old warehouse window. These doors are all hand made piece by piece and all made here in the USA.

Painted shaker barn doors with satin glass

New York Loft Barn Doors

These shaker barn doors were made for a loft in New York City. Painted wood door frames, tempered satin glass panels and brushed stainless steel hardware. Clean timeless contemporary barn doors.

steel and glass warehouse barn door

Steel and Glass Barn Door

Door has tempered satin glass that is flush on both sides to give it a cleaner modern look and feel. Between the layers of glass is perforated patina steel that shadows through the glass. Patina barn door frame and hardware.

Birch Twig Modern Barn Door

Ecoresin Modern Barn Door

Modern custom wood framed barn door with a Ecoresin panel from 3-Form. Hardware is brushed stainless steel with a 36'' long brushed stainless steel door pulls. There are many choices of the Ecoresin panels to choose from along with any color frame.

Steel and Mirror Barn Door Custom Made

Patina Zinc Plated Barn Door

Metal barn door is made with a iron channel frame that has been patina-ed. Small rivets at the seems, mirror on the inside of barn door and zinc plated steel panels with a patina. Patina steel pocket handles and hardware.

modern sliding barn door with veneer wood

Modern Wood Veneer Sliding Barn Door

Five panel veneer barn door with stainless steel in the seams. Hardware is brushed stainless steel and rolls very smoothly.

reclaimed wood and satin steel barn door

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood and Satin Steel Barn Doors

These beautiful reclaimed wood and satin steel doors are wrapped in a metal band. The hardware and handles are custom made by Patina Yard. These doors look great in a contemporary space as well as many other spaces and design styles.

Italian Laminate Sliding Barn Door

Custom Modern Barn Door

Modern sliding barn made using an Italian laminate and stainless between seams. Hardware is brushed stainless steel. We offer many different choices of laminates.

custom polished stainless steel barn door

Polished Stainless Steel Barn Door

Barn door frame is made with polished stainless steel with polished brass screws around mirror. Backside of door has three polished stainless steel panels. Clean slick door can be custom made to any size.

Double Herringbone Sliding Barn Doors

Custom Wood Sliding Barn Door

Double custom herringbone barn doors are made from ash hardwood that we wired brushed to dig out some of the grain and stained gray. The custom barn doors are made using mortise and tenon, the old fashion way, to ensure a long life. We can design any type of custom barn door that you are looking for. Contact us with what you are looking for and we will work with you to create your custom barn door.

Contemporary Charred Wood Barn Door.

Charred Wood Sliding Interior Barn Door

Interior Barn Door made from ash hardwood that has been charred until it crackles and we applied a dark red paint lightly over the charring to give it an old Asian appearance. Satin glass panels for privacy and a blackened antique patina on the metal. This sliding barn door is a functional piece of art that is built to last a lifetime.

Glass And Steel Warehouse Barn Door

Glass And Steel Warehouse Barn Door

This industrial glass and steel warehouse sliding barn door was custom built for a home office. The frame and barn door hardware is made of steel with a black patina. Glass has been sand blasted from the bottom up fading from 100% sand blasted at the bottom of the barn door and faded out to 0% towards the top. Iron and glass barn doors are a timeless design and fits into many types of styles. Contact us and we will design and quote a warehouse house style steel and glass barn door for you.

reclaimed wood barn door with weathered metal pane

Reclaimed Barn Wood & Steel Barn Door

Barn door is made using reclaimed barn wood with steel panels. Steel has a weathered steel finish.

stained wood barn door and hardware

Hardwood Barn Door

Door is made using stained ash hardwood with a patina steel band around door. Door track and handle is custom made by us.

Custom Zinc Barn Door and Barn Door Hardware

Contemporary Zinc Water Closet Barn Door

Door is made from pure zinc sheeting over a custom hardwood plywood core to cut weight a little. Patina steel is placed in the seams defining the lines. Barn door hardware and custom pocket handle is made from blacken steel.

custom wood barn doors

Shaker Style Painted Wood Barn Door

This Shaker Style wood barn door can be painted any color and is made from solid wood and built to last. The hardware is a polished stainless steel. The door can be made any size and shipped anywhere is the U.S.

satin glass and painted wood barn door shaker styl

Large Satin Glass Shaker Barn Door

Shaker barn door made with solid wood frame and satin glass panels. Hardware is brushed stainless steel.

White shaker barn door

White Shaker Barn Door

Painted white barn door with black antique patina-ed barn door hardware and handle.

navy blue double barn doors

Navy Blue Shaker Double Barn Doors

Shaker barn doors are made using a solid poplar hardwood mortise together making a long lasting door that doesn't warp. Doors can be painted any color and hardware comes in polished or brushed stainless steel along with patina steel. Painted wood barn doors are a nice clean looking door. Doors fit into many styles such as traditional, transitional, farm house and contemporary.

modern barn door door with aluminum hardware

Modern Sliding Barn Door

Modern barn door is made using laminates "veneers". The laminate comes in many different colors and textures. The modern barn door hardware is made of brushed aluminum and is easy to install. Take a look at the options of laminates from our side menu to see all options.

charred wood barn door door custom made

Charred Wood aka Shou Sugi Ban and Antique Mirror Barn Door

Charred wood barn door frame made with ash hardwood, custom antique mirrors and patina iron and steel barn door hardware. The style of barn door would go with traditional, contemporary and may go with an industrial style setting.

alder wood ranch style barn door

Ranch Style Barn Door

Alder wood barn door with wire wheeled wood frame and sanded center. This style of barn door goes with many types of styles and can be made with any type of wood painted or stained.

kitchen pass through barn doors made of wood

Double Shaker Style Barn Doors

Kitchen pass through double wood barn doors made of alder wood. Double barn doors can be made using any style of doors. Door has a mortise in lock to be able to lock doors from either side. The barn door hardware is what we call our rivet wheel barn door hardware.

Artistic antique mirror barn door and hardware

Artistic Antique Mirror Barn Door

Random antique mirror barn door made using mirrors. We stripped the coating from the back of the mirrors and antiqued the silver. The barn door hardware is custom made by us using roller bearing rollers and patina steel. This door can be made to any size and is a contemporary artistic style.

modern style barn door with stainless steel hardwa

Modern Barn Door

Modern sliding barn door made using 3-Form made of Ecoresin with small branches in it. The door frame has a laminate called Brush Mercury with a high gloss finish. Hardware is brushed stainless steel.

ranch style barn door with barn wood and patina me

Barn Wood and Patina Metal Barn Door

This barn door has a weathered finish with contemporary style hardware that we made using a patina to complement the door. The barn door hardware rolls well and this type of hardware is made to last forever.

Patina iron and glass barn doors custom made

Blackened Iron and Satin Glass Panels Barn Door

Iron and glass barn doors are one of our favorites, a little tough to build but well worth it. The glass is flush on both sides with the satin finish on the inside. The glass can be clear, satin, antiqued mirror or many other types. The barn door hardware is made with patina iron and rollers and can have other color patina's applied.

Contemporary barn door with brushed stainless stee

Contemporary Modern Barn Door

This is a nice clean well built sliding barn door with many options on style. This door has brushed aluminum wrapped around the four panels and in the seams. The hardware and the handle are brushed stainless steel which go very well with the brushed aluminum. This door can be changed up by using patina steel, patina steel rivets and other style of laminates.

Shaker style barn door with beveled mirror and sta

Shaker Style Barn Door With Mirror

The shaker doors are a popular style door seeing that it is a transitional style that fits into many types of settings. The shaker style barn doors can be painted any color and any type of hardware can be used with them.

Barn Door made with old barn wood and original sty

Rustic Barn Wood Door

This door is made using barn wood and a standard style box rail. The box rail barn door track had a patina applied to it along with the handle. The barn door is 9 feet tall and 42 inches wide.

modern style barn door with stainless steel hardwa

Modern Barn Door

This modern style barn door was made to be light and to roll quietly. It is made in four sections of a strong hollow core with a laminate on all eight sides. Brushed stainless seams, barn door hardware and handles. There are several different great looking laminates available.

Custom chevron barn door and custom blacken iron h

Chevron Pattern Barn Door

The featured barn door has a chevron pattern and is made from reclaimed red and white oak barn wood. It has heavy duty blackened steel barn door hardware. This door is clean and well built, it compliments any style.

custom antique mirror barn door with blacken iron

Antique Mirror Barn Door

This antique mirror barn door is very unique because every custom mirror is hand done individually. There are many techniques with this element, two way mirrors and various styles. The barn door hardware in the featured door is made of patina steel and iron rollers with bearings.

Barn door built of barn wood and using a box rail

Barn Wood Barn Door

This unique and beautiful custom barn door is made using barn wood that is from the East Coast consisting of red oak, white oak and popular woods. The barn door is made with a window feature that gives this door a clean and traditional look.

simple painted barn door

Simple Painted Barn Door

This door is a simple design with a solid wood frame, satin glass and stainless steel hardware.

Contemporary Sliding barn door with satin glass an

Contemporary Style Barn Door

Large contemporary sliding barn door utilizing satin glass with a veneered hollow frame to keep the door light. Hardware is our own custom made using bearings to make it roll with ease.

Sliding wood barn door

Traditional Style Barn Door

Barn door is made of wood that has been mortised together making it a sturdy straight door. Hardware is the same hardware that would be used on a barn with a zinc plating that we polished up and applied a matte clear finish.

Double sliding steel and iron barn door

Double Sliding Metal Barn Door

Custom double sliding barn door with custom barn door hardware. Designed, built and installed by Patina Yard.

Contemporary sliding metal barn door

Contemporary Metal Barn Door

Sliding barn door is made using iron and steel with a custom patina finish. Simple but clean custom barn door hardware works with ease and will last a lifetime.

Bronze glass barn doors

Bronze Glass Barn Doors

Glass is a 3/8'' tempered bronze glass with a satin finish on backside leading into an office area.

Antiqued Mirror Barn Doors

We antiqued the mirrors and patina-ed the metal along with making the custom hardware, giving the look of a very old vintage style barn door.

antiqued barn doors with custom hardware in San Di

Antique White and Blackened Iron Barn Door

Antique barn door using a white antiqued wood and patina steel and custom hardware. Barn door is used for a hall laundry room and wood to match the custom interior doors that we also designed and built.

Zinc barn door , contemporary barn door in san die

Zinc Barn Door

Barn door made using zinc and small nails at the seams giving it a unique look with a satin glass panel for privacy and our own custom patina steel barn door hardware. Zinc has a black antique patina with a clear satin finish.

Contemporary Sliding Barn Door Phoenix Scottsdale

Weathered White Barn Door

White weathered contemporary barn doors we designed, built and installed today in a Phoenix home for the master bedroom and office off the bedroom. Doors are nine feet tall with satin glass with our custom made hardware to roll with ease.

Modern Barn Door

Modern Barn Door

We custom designed this modern barn door for a Phoenix home using wheel bearings for the wheels for the door to hang on. Using frosted glass, stainless steel and steel that has been clear coated. The barn door hardware works great and we are in the process of designing a new door that has three equal panels on both sides that can be interchanged with our Crete Board, frosted glass or wood. The door will have more of a contemporary look or could have an industrial look as well.