Charred Wood Furniture and Walls

Patina Yard charred wood for wall cladding and furniture. Charred wood is Japaneese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban which has been used for hundreds of years. The process requires charring of the wood using fire, cooling and carefully cleaning the suface before a top coat sealer is applied. You will not get any of the charcoal on you as it has been cleaned and sealed. The charred wood has no stain and a water based top coat sealer which can be used with many styles. The charred wood looks great with patina metals and stainless steel for the use of furniture and accent walls with a variety of textures.

charred wood barn door door custom made

Charred Wood aka Shou Sugi Ban and Antique Mirror Barn Door

Charred wood barn door frame made with ash hardwood, custom antique mirrors and patina iron and steel barn door hardware. The style of barn door would go with traditional, contemporary and may go with an industrial style setting..

Charred wood fireplace Scottsdale Arizona

Charred Wood Fireplace

Custom fireplace design using charred wood, stainless steel and hot rolled steel in firebox in a Scottsdale home..

Charred wood pivoting door in Scottsdale

Charred Wood Pivoting Door

Charred wood pivoting interior bedroom door with custom handle and patina metal; glides with a smooth ease. Door was designed and installed by Patina Yard in a home in Scottsdale with a look of its own..

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Wood Dinning Table and Bench

Charred Wood Dining Table

Custom dining table and benches are made from ash hardwood and charred aka "Shou Sugi Ban". Charred wood table and benches are sealed with a heavy satin coat sealer. .

Shou Sugi Ban aka charred wood dinning table

Charred Wood Table

Table is made using ash hardwood that we charred using a large torch. This is known as Shou Sugi Ban and started in Japan. Table is mortise and tendoned together using no screws or nails. The charring gives the wood a rich black look with lots of character. Table has a matte clear finish that makes the table easy to clean and maintain. .

charred log stool that is hand carved

Charred Wood Log Stool

Reclaimed telephone pole log stools. We put these logs on a wood lathe and turned them until they are round and carefully cut the rectangle out of the bottom. Next we sand the logs and hand carve creating a crafted unique texture. Finishing steps we char aka "Shou Sugi Ban", a Japanese technique, that has been around for hundreds of years. Next we carefully brush and sand then apply a matte clear finish. Charred Log Stools work great in living rooms, entries, lobbies, bars, patios and anywhere else!.

charred log coffee table

Charred Log Coffee Table

Table is made with ash hardwood logs making every table top unique. Table is 48" x 36" x 15" Logs are heavily coated with a matte sealer and appears to be floating. This can be made to any size. .