Custom Contemporary Style Barn Doors

Contemporary style barns doors offer an in-ornate style, clean lines and warmth. We create contemporary sliding barn doors using rich materials such as stainless and aluminum metals, and warm woods and veneers. Contemporary barn doors add beauty to any space.

Double Herringbone Sliding Barn Doors

Custom Wood Sliding Barn Door

Double custom herringbone barn doors are made from ash hardwood that we wired brushed to dig out some of the grain and stained gray. The custom barn doors are made using mortise and tenon, the old fashion way, to ensure a long life. We can design any type of custom barn door that you are looking for. Contact us with what you are looking for and we will work with you to create your custom barn door.

Contemporary Charred Wood Barn Door.

Charred Wood Sliding Interior Barn Door

Interior Barn Door made from ash hardwood that has been charred until it crackles and we applied a dark red paint lightly over the charring to give it an old Asian appearance. Satin glass panels for privacy and a blackened antique patina on the metal. This sliding barn door is a functional piece of art that is built to last a lifetime.

charred wood barn door door custom made

Charred Wood aka Shou Sugi Ban and Antique Mirror Barn Door

Charred wood barn door frame made with ash hardwood, custom antique mirrors and patina iron and steel barn door hardware. The style of barn door would go with traditional, contemporary and may go with an industrial style setting.

Contemporary Sliding barn door with satin glass an

Contemporary Style Barn Door

Large contemporary sliding barn door utilizing satin glass with a veneered hollow frame to keep the door light. Hardware is our own custom made using bearings to make it roll with ease.

Double sliding steel and iron barn door

Double Sliding Metal Barn Door

Custom double sliding barn door with custom barn door hardware. Designed, built and installed by Patina Yard.

Contemporary sliding metal barn door

Contemporary Metal Barn Door

Sliding barn door is made using iron and steel with a custom patina finish. Simple but clean custom barn door hardware works with ease and will last a lifetime.

Bronze glass barn doors

Bronze Glass Barn Doors

Glass is a 3/8'' tempered bronze glass with a satin finish on backside leading into an office area.

antiqued barn doors with custom hardware in San Di

Antique White and Blackened Iron Barn Door

Antique barn door using a white antiqued wood and patina steel and custom hardware. Barn door is used for a hall laundry room and wood to match the custom interior doors that we also designed and built.

Zinc barn door , contemporary barn door in san die

Zinc Barn Door

Barn door made using zinc and small nails at the seams giving it a unique look with a satin glass panel for privacy and our own custom patina steel barn door hardware. Zinc has a black antique patina with a clear satin finish.

Contemporary Sliding Barn Door Phoenix Scottsdale

Weathered White Barn Door

White weathered contemporary barn doors we designed, built and installed today in a Phoenix home for the master bedroom and office off the bedroom. Doors are nine feet tall with satin glass with our custom made hardware to roll with ease.