Custom Modern Style Barn Doors

We create custom modern barn doors using metal, glass, wood, 3-form as well as other materials to create a minimalist style. We design modern barn doors that offer clean lines and neutral colors that are perfect for any modern space. Modern sliding doors are aesthetically beautiful as well as functional.

Birch Twig Modern Barn Door

Ecoresin Modern Barn Door

Modern custom wood framed barn door with a Ecoresin panel from 3-Form. Hardware is brushed stainless steel with a 36'' long brushed stainless steel door pulls. There are many choices of the Ecoresin panels to choose from along with any color frame.

modern sliding barn door with veneer wood

Modern Wood Veneer Sliding Barn Door

Five panel veneer barn door with stainless steel in the seams. Hardware is brushed stainless steel and rolls very smoothly.

Italian Laminate Sliding Barn Door

Custom Modern Barn Door

Modern sliding barn made using an Italian laminate and stainless between seams. Hardware is brushed stainless steel. We offer many different choices of laminates.

custom polished stainless steel barn door

Polished Stainless Steel Barn Door

Barn door frame is made with polished stainless steel with polished brass screws around mirror. Backside of door has three polished stainless steel panels. Clean slick door can be custom made to any size.

modern barn door door with aluminum hardware

Modern Sliding Barn Door

Modern barn door is made using laminates "veneers". The laminate comes in many different colors and textures. The modern barn door hardware is made of brushed aluminum and is easy to install. Take a look at the options of laminates from our side menu to see all options.

modern style barn door with stainless steel hardwa

Modern Barn Door

Modern sliding barn door made using 3-Form made of Ecoresin with small branches in it. The door frame has a laminate called Brush Mercury with a high gloss finish. Hardware is brushed stainless steel.

Contemporary barn door with brushed stainless stee

Contemporary Modern Barn Door

This is a nice clean well built sliding barn door with many options on style. This door has brushed aluminum wrapped around the four panels and in the seams. The hardware and the handle are brushed stainless steel which go very well with the brushed aluminum. This door can be changed up by using patina steel, patina steel rivets and other style of laminates.

modern style barn door with stainless steel hardwa

Modern Barn Door

This modern style barn door was made to be light and to roll quietly. It is made in four sections of a strong hollow core with a laminate on all eight sides. Brushed stainless seams, barn door hardware and handles. There are several different great looking laminates available.

Modern Barn Door

Modern Barn Door

We custom designed this modern barn door for a Phoenix home using wheel bearings for the wheels for the door to hang on. Using frosted glass, stainless steel and steel that has been clear coated. The barn door hardware works great and we are in the process of designing a new door that has three equal panels on both sides that can be interchanged with our Crete Board, frosted glass or wood. The door will have more of a contemporary look or could have an industrial look as well.