Custom Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

Reclaimed wood barn doors are a great piece to add to any area. Barn wood barn doors are reclaimed using anything from old barns to reclaimed barn doors that can be used for sliding barn doors. We will often use barn wood and patina’d metal to give the barn door a rich warm look.

Zinc and Wood Barn Door custom made

Random Zinc and Wood Barn Door

Industrial style barn door is made using random zinc that is mirrored on both sides lightly char ash hardwood frame. Door features a slotted window with satin glass framed around with wood. Hardware and pocket handles are made bu our own craftsmen.

reclaimed wood and satin steel barn door

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood and Satin Steel Barn Doors

These beautiful reclaimed wood and satin steel doors are wrapped in a metal band. The hardware and handles are custom made by Patina Yard. These doors look great in a contemporary space as well as many other spaces and design styles.

reclaimed wood barn door with weathered metal pane

Reclaimed Barn Wood & Steel Barn Door

Barn door is made using reclaimed barn wood with steel panels. Steel has a weathered steel finish.

stained wood barn door and hardware

Hardwood Barn Door

Door is made using stained ash hardwood with a patina steel band around door. Door track and handle is custom made by us.

alder wood ranch style barn door

Ranch Style Barn Door

Alder wood barn door with wire wheeled wood frame and sanded center. This style of barn door goes with many types of styles and can be made with any type of wood painted or stained.

ranch style barn door with barn wood and patina me

Barn Wood and Patina Metal Barn Door

This barn door has a weathered finish with contemporary style hardware that we made using a patina to complement the door. The barn door hardware rolls well and this type of hardware is made to last forever.

Barn Door made with old barn wood and original sty

Rustic Barn Wood Door

This door is made using barn wood and a standard style box rail. The box rail barn door track had a patina applied to it along with the handle. The barn door is 9 feet tall and 42 inches wide.

Custom chevron barn door and custom blacken iron h

Chevron Pattern Barn Door

The featured barn door has a chevron pattern and is made from reclaimed red and white oak barn wood. It has heavy duty blackened steel barn door hardware. This door is clean and well built, it compliments any style.

Barn door built of barn wood and using a box rail

Barn Wood Barn Door

This unique and beautiful custom barn door is made using barn wood that is from the East Coast consisting of red oak, white oak and popular woods. The barn door is made with a window feature that gives this door a clean and traditional look.